Importing Cars

Imagine you want to import a car from Germany. But how do you do it? What should you pay attention to? What are the pitfalls?

There are companies that can arrange the import of your car for you. However, with a little help, you can do it yourself just fine. And it also saves costs. We are happy to assist you with this step-by-step plan.

Step 1

Okay. You have made up your mind: you want to buy a car abroad.

Through car search websites, you can find different brands and models. The best site may vary depending on the country.

For Germany, websites like,, and are your best options. Official dealers are generally more reliable than independent traders. During your search, pay close attention to the year of manufacture, mileage, options, and any warranty. These elements should be proportionate to the asking price of the car.

Step 2

You have found your dream car in Germany.

You can choose to inspect the car and take it for a test drive. If this is too much hassle for you, you can also have an independent inspection done.

However, don't count your chickens before they hatch. Importing your dream car involves some additional costs. When importing the car, you have to pay BPM (passenger car and motorcycle tax). The Autotelex website allows you to make a free estimate of how much BPM you have to pay for your new car. Additionally, consider the costs of transportation, RDW inspection, and purchasing license plates.

Step 3

You have checked everything and are sure: you are going to buy the car.

But don't transfer money without caution! Always have a sales agreement drawn up by the selling party. It should describe the car and include any agreed-upon extras. You also want to have aspects like warranty described in the agreement. Also, pay attention to whether all the necessary documents are present and in order: Fahrzeugschein (vehicle registration certificate), Fahrzeugbrief (vehicle title), EG conformity certificate, and a recent TÜV inspection certificate.

Step 4

Congratulations! You have a new car.

Now your dream car just needs to be at your doorstep. We are happy to assist you with that! We transport your car hassle-free from point A to point B. You can submit a transport request here.

Step 5

The car has been delivered to your doorstep.

Only, you don't have a Dutch registration certificate yet. To arrange this, you go to the RDW inspection station.

Via the RDW website, you request a temporary registration for a day. This allows you to drive to the inspection station. Once at the inspection station, the RDW will assist you further. There, you fill out a form for the tax authorities, which you send by mail. Usually, you will receive a notification from the tax authorities within one or two weeks.

Step 6

Yes, the registration document has arrived!

Now you just need to have your yellow license plates made. This can be done quickly at various companies, such as Brezan Automaterialen.

Once those are made, there's only one thing left enjoy your new imported dream car!

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