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Custom transport solutions for your cars

JUR Autotransport: The reliable partner for car dealers, importers, and traders

As experts in car transport, we understand the specific needs of car dealers, importers, and traders. At JUR Autotransport, we always strive for the best price-quality ratio for your transport, thanks to our smart software and professional team

What sets us apart is that we don't have our own fleet of vehicles. Instead, we rely on an extensive international network of reliable partners. This allows us to be flexible and handle both large volumes and complex transport issues

Who we are here for

We are here for you, regardless of the number of cars you want to transport

Our customer base ranges from dealer organizations to tech giants distributing complex vehicles throughout Europe. Whether you're looking for long-term collaborations or one-time rally events, JUR Autotransport is the right place for you

Car wholesalers

Dealer organizations

Car traders

Import advisory companies


Custom projects

What we offer you

Discover what JUR Autotransport can offer you as a partner

Good communication

We believe in accessibility and good, personal communication. Call, email, or message us, and we'll be there for you

Flexibility with a vast network

Thanks to our extensive international partner network, we are flexible and can solve both small and complex transport issues


JUR Autotransport always seeks the best price-quality ratio. We strive for the best deal for you


We aim for long-term collaborations and commit ourselves to fully relieve you

Smart software

JUR Autotransport invests in advanced software solutions and offers user-friendly custom portals and APIs. Let us brainstorm to optimize your process

In the know

During the transport process, we keep everyone informed automatically. This applies to you, your customers, the loading and unloading location, and the driver

Digital flow

We prefer to work fully digitally, allowing you to sign documents digitally and track your orders online

What we can offer your customers

Custom solutions for optimal customer experience


At JUR Autotransport, we understand the importance of consistency in branding. We invite you to discuss how we can keep your customers informed according to your specific branding. Whether it's customized communication, personalized tracking information, or other tailor-made solutions, we strive to seamlessly integrate the transport experience into your brand identity


Using our API, you can show order updates directly in your own environment to your customers. This allows your customers to track the progress of the transport process without leaving your platform. We offer a seamless integration that ensures a consistent customer experience


Sometimes you want to fully hand over the communication regarding the transport process. At JUR Autotransport, that is possible. You can choose to delegate all communication related to the transport process for your customers directly to us. We provide professional and personalized communication that aligns with your service orientation and customer-focused approach

Your cars insured during transport

Safety and reliability are our priority

CMR insurance for international transport

For international transport, we use "Convention Relative au Contrat de Transport International de Marchandises par Route" (CMR). These conditions provide the necessary coverage and protection for your cars during international transport. You can trust that your car is in safe hands, regardless of the destination


AVCM insurance for national transport

For national transport, we use the "Algemene Vervoerscondities voor het Wegvervoer van Goederen" (AVCM). These conditions provide the necessary coverage and protection for your cars during domestic transport within the Netherlands. You can trust that your car is in safe hands, regardless of the destination within the Netherlands


Additional insurance options for transport

We understand that every situation is unique, and sometimes additional insurance may be desired. Therefore, we offer additional insurance options to meet your specific needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities. We are ready to address your concerns and provide tailor-made insurance solutions

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