Importing a car

Do you want to import a car to the UK from Germany, Belgium, or another European country, but don't know what to look out for? We are happy to help you with this step-by-step plan. And of course, we take care of the car transport for you. Then you can be sure that your new car will be delivered to your doorstep.

Een auto importeren?
Step 1

You want to buy a car abroad

When you want to import a car from abroad, you can view various brands and models online that you can buy. Through sites like or autoscout24, for instance, you can find cars in Germany or Belgium. Generally, official dealers are more reliable than independent traders. Pay particular attention to the year of manufacture, mileage, options, and any warranty during your search for importing a car. Also check whether the maintenance has been well maintained and documented. This must be in proportion to the asking price of the car.

Online je droomauto vinden
Step 2

You have found your dream car

Have you found the car you want to import? Then you can choose to view the car and take a test drive. Is this not possible, for example, because the destination is too far away? Then you can also have an independent inspection carried out.

Don't forget that costs are also associated with importing a car into the UK. This includes Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) and VAT. If you are importing a car from outside the UK, you may also need to pay customs duty. You must also consider the cost of car transport, the DVLA registration, and the purchase of number plates when importing a car.

Een geimporteerde auto transporteren
Step 3

You are going to buy the car

Have a purchase agreement drawn up by the selling party before transferring money. It contains information about the buyer, the seller, and the car. Additional agreements and matters such as warranty are also included in the purchase agreement.

Don't forget to check if all necessary papers are present and in order. This includes the vehicle's registration documents from its country of origin. Then you can be sure that the import of your car goes smoothly.

Doe een aanvraag bij JUR Autotransport
Step 4

Getting your new car in front of your door

Now, all that's left is for your new car to arrive at your doorstep. We are happy to assist you with that! We transport your car safely, quickly, and efficiently from A to B. Here you can make a request for transport. Want to know the costs and conditions and what the delivery time is? Make a request and receive an offer for your car transport immediately or within three business hours at the latest.

Autotransport transporter
Step 5

The car is at your door

Before you can drive your new car on UK roads, you'll need to get it registered with the DVLA and pay any applicable taxes. To register, you need to fill out the V55/5 form for used vehicles, along with proof of insurance, ID, and evidence that you've paid VAT and Duty if applicable. Once registered, you'll receive a UK registration number, and you can then get UK number plates made up.

Genieten van je geimporteerde auto
Step 6

Yes, the registration certificate is in!

Once you've received the registration certificate, you've almost completed all the steps for importing a car into the UK! The only thing left to do is to insure your car. After securing insurance, you can enjoy your new car on UK roads.

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