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Need auto transport to or from Spain? JUR Auto Transport takes care of it for you. To make it as easy as possible for you, we inform you and the pickup address by email when we are coming to load. In addition, you can see the status of your auto transport to or from Spain in your own client portal.

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Auto Transport from Spain to the Netherlands

Various car brands are produced in Spain, such as SEAT and Cupra. Therefore, we transport a lot of cars from Spain to the Netherlands. This is mainly for businesses, but also for individuals.

We have an extensive international network of reliable partners. Together with them, we ensure efficient auto transport from Spain to the Netherlands. We plan efficiently and thus reduce the number of kilometers of our journeys.

Auto Transport from the Netherlands to Spain

Want to transport one or more cars from the Netherlands to Spain? No problem, we arrange the auto transport for you.

During the transport of your car from the Netherlands to Spain, we keep all parties automatically informed by email. This applies to you, the loading and unloading location, and the driver. You can also see the status of the transport in your own client portal. So, for example, you can see that we are busy with planning, your transport is scheduled, and that your car has been delivered.

Málaga, Spain

Auto Transport to or from Spain

For individuals, we regularly transport cars to a holiday destination or holiday home in Spain. When the holiday is over, we naturally also take care of the auto transport back to the Netherlands. The car can also be delivered or dropped off at the parking lot of Granada airport, for example.

Delivery Time

Thanks to our extensive international partner network, we have an average delivery time of 10 working days for auto transport to or from Spain.


The prices for auto transport to or from Spain depend on factors such as the pickup and delivery address, the dimensions, and the weight of the car. Prices typically range between €750 and €1250 excl. VAT.


Want to know more about auto transport to or from Spain or have a specific question? You can always send us an email. Calling or messaging is of course also fine. We are happy to help.

Cost of Auto Transport Spain Netherlands

At JUR Auto Transport, we strive for the best price-quality ratio

This means not only inexpensive auto transport to or from Spain but also personal contact, a quick delivery time, and multiple status updates. This is how we remain your reliable partner in safe, fast, and efficient auto transport. Want to know the specific costs for your auto transport to or from Spain? Fill out our request form on the website and receive an offer for your auto transport within three hours.

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